The Greatest Show on the Water!


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Professional Offshore Powerboat Racing
…the way it’s meant to be.

They’re the biggest and fastest boats on the water.  Mega-horsepower catamarans and V-hulls racing deck to deck at speeds in excess of 160 MPH. Thousands of spectators lining miles of the world’s most beautiful beaches, all there to witness the Man vs Machine/Man vs Nature spectacle.

When the principals of Race World Offshore set out to change the face of professional Offshore Powerboat Racing, it wasn’t just idle talk. With more than 50 years of combined experience through the Conch Republic Offshore Powerboat Racing Association, organization President, Larry Bleil, and his team know what it takes to make a successful series. The best racing venues throughout North America, significant prize purses and national television coverage are but a few of the assets that the new organization will be bringing to the sport in 2018.

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