Key West, Fla (May 9, 2019) — Race World Offshore, LLC (RWO) starts their season August 16th with the first of 4 National Races. The second season, for RWO has doubled their number of races and will present each class winner and podium finishers their first RWO National Championship awards.

After being awarded the 5 year contract to produce aWorld Championship event in Key West, and RWO rolling out their season, the ever-changing redaction and less than sincere attempts for unification and racing synergies from competing sanctioning bodies hasn’t stopped.

RWO plans to have 4 National Races with Dunkirk, Clearwater, the half races of Wednesday and Friday in Key West and the final fourth full day of racing on Sunday for a total of 4 races for a National Title. Simultaneously, the Wednesday, Friday and Sunday races will produce World Champions. In addition, RWO is opening up various open canopy boat classes to accommodate most of the participants wanting to race in a professional series.

RWO is reducing entry fees, membership fees and equipment fees from previous years to make it more accommodating to teams; with final details coming soon. Teams running in the RWO season opener will benefit even more, with greater savings that will last the entire 2019 season.

As for continued offers of support and synergies from P1 and OPA, they continue to be just lip service. RWO continues to be focused to provide the highest level of integrity.

Larry Bleil, President of RWO, held a meeting in Key West in early February with OPA & P1 to collaborate and work together for the Key West event. This was agreed upon after they left town. They produced a formal agreement the next day that didn’t identify RWO as the lead presenter of the event. After not agreeing to terms, Bleil received a text from OPA “Azam and Steve agree to apply for event on their own. Sorry”.

Bleil and OPA had discussions to make Dunkirk, N.Y. race as part of a triple crown event, Saint Clair, Michigan City and Dunkirk and to include a sizable purse from RWO.

So, RWO agreed to go with APBA, on OPA’s recommendation to tie all the racing together. RWO filled out APBA paperwork and was issued an event number and put on APBA schedule, after OPA said they would sign off on it..

After being approved by the City of Key West, RWO’s focus is on the highest level of customer satisfaction and efforts to make the event the best world championship it can be. Also, giving teams the best platform where they can get bigger sponsors.

OPA has the rights of APBA to authorize races in NY and surrounding states. On May 8th, the day after being awarded the world championships and RWO producing their first press release, OPA would not sign off on the APBA Dunkirk event.

Bleil contacted Howie Nichols, President of APBA, and stated OPA has the contract and he can’t do anything about it.

This leaves Bleil and RWO no choice but to continue to be independent for our series and Key West. Bleil comments, “I can understand why John Carbonell did what he did for so long.” Bleil continues, “I have never been involved with a business in my life like this. Everyone has their own agendas. Time will tell, I am moving forward with my plan and I know I am doing it the right way. I am not closing the door on listening to other organizations, but I will be more cautious. But when I get shut out of APBA and we have the best race sites in the world, it is a shame of short sightedness.

And the final word texted to me from OPA… ‘Larry, nothing to talk about, all was good until you grabbed Clearwater you are on your own bud’.

This was taken to heart and I know this is what I will do. With my team, I will put on professional races, with great safety practices, great promotions, race purses and the best racing experience.”

More details and information coming very soon. “Thank you everyone for your support.” Larry Bleil.

For further information contact Lee Stanford: Win@RaceWorldOffshore.Global